Sheron & Peter Manning's Story

December 7, 2018


The first photo was taken in Jan 2018, but it wasn't until March 2018 that we started using our Valentus Products. I was drinking Slimroast Italian and Peter was not a coffee drinker so he used Prevail Trim.
Pete is a soccer football Referee and would ref unto 4 games each weekend. He use to buy the energy drinks from the store UNTIL he discovered Prevails ENERGY. Now adding to the Trim and Energy he drinks Prevail Immune and uses Max. Peter has gone from a 38" to a 32" size jeans.

I have gone from Size 22 to 18 then in May we git the Prevail Optimum and from April to September I went from an 18 to a 14 in New Zealand sizing.


But the best part is that I have been able to reduce my medication from 20 + a day to about 8 Tablets. This includes reducing my Ritalin from between 9/12 a day down to 2 each day just to name a few things.

I no longer suffer with the pain of Fibromyalgia.
My Asthma and Bronchiectasis is a lung disease have almost gone.

There is much more I could talk about and we are happy to answer and questions, These are our stories and we don't make any medical claims.

With these results how could we not be proud to represent Valentus in New Zealand and the world.
#kiwicoffeequeen ️

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Sheron & Peter Manning

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